Small Town Politics

Small town politics. Have you noticed how a small town always wants to be like a large town? Well, Lake Park, Florida has over the last several months done all they can to be just like the big town like Town of Jupiter. Town of Lake Park commission has past to raise the building permit fees to match or actually charge more for the permit fees.

Every time they want to increase something, they go out to the surrounding towns to get the typical fees. However, they use the towns that are not even close to the Town of Lake Park. Such as City of Boca Raton. A town who has an average home value of$449,742. While other homes are valued in the millions. Other towns they look at are towns like the Town of Jupiter. Again, the average home value up around $335,294 with homes in the millions. Also, the average home income for these towns are over $100,000 while Lake Park’s average home income is only $49,504.

Why don’t they go out and fine a small town where the home values are more in line with Lake Park’s home values of $144,000. Also, where the average income is more in line with the people who live in the town. After all, if someone living on an income of about $50,000 can live and afford to live like someone who makes over $110,000 per year, most likely that person wouldn’t be living in Lake Park. They be living in Jupiter or Boca Raton.

What the current commission does not realize, if you charge more than what the general family can afford, the people won’t be able to pay to repair or update their home and property, this in turn will have a long effect of keeping the values down and attacking the people you don’t want living in your town. They seem to want to live on the high standard as to where the income is more than double what the average homeowner makes.

Now this past September, the commission went and passed new permit fee schedule. Funny thing is that the town’s permit fees are now higher than a lot of the surrounding city fees. For example, Village of Wellington only changes a rate of 2.00% from $0.01 to $50,000. Lake Park is now charging $100 plus 2.00% from $2500 to $999,999.00.

The Town of Jupiter permit fee is only $75 for the minimum fee. Lake Parks is now $100 for the minimum fee. If you read the minutes form the reason of increasing the fees, it all goes back because there is a little bit of construction in town that is happening. They want to cash in while they can. Sad thing is that there is not much land left in the town for developing so that won’t last long. Furthermore, the people who live in the town will not be able to afford to get permits to enhance their property which in turn would increase the home values.

The big question is why didn’t the town go to other towns where the average home value and annual income per household was more in line with what the people that actually live in town make and their home values are? One will never know their reason behind it.